Residential HVAC Service: How Often Should You Have Your Air Conditioner & Heater Inspected?

When you have an HVAC unit, you should take great care of it to make sure that it works well and will last as long as possible to keep you comfortable. Part of taking great care of an HVAC machine is making sure it is properly serviced as often as it needs to be. But, how often should an air conditioner be serviced? What is the timeframe for servicing? Below, you will get an outline of how to properly service your HVAC machine on time to keep it working as it was designed to.

The best timeframe for servicing your HVAC unit serviced each year. This does not change based on the make, model, or year of your HVAC. When servicing an HVAC unit, you should always call a professional serviceman rather than attempting it on your own because HVAC servicing requires technical expertise and professional skills. Proper service includes:

  • a professional inspection
  • a thorough cleaning
  • a full-service run-through: this includes the technician carefully checking
    • the blowers,
    • motor,
    • internal coils,
    • drain line,
    • refrigerant levels,
    • working temperatures and pressures,
    • all indoor and outdoor connections,
    • and return and supply lines

When should I have my HVAC unit serviced? Is there a time better to do it?

The best season to have your air conditioning unit fully serviced is the springtime. There won’t be any snow, ice, falling leaves, freezing winter wind or hot summer sun that would be uncomfortable for the technicians to work in. It also is just before you will start using the air conditioning feature more heavily over the summer.

For a heating unit, you should have it professionally serviced in later summer or early fall, the latest month is October. This is because you want to have the heating feature running properly just before the colder winter sets in. The last thing you want is to be stuck in the snow without a working heater!

Why should my HVAC unit be serviced once a year?

Even if you don’t see any signs that the machine needs assistance or maintenance, it still should be looked at for preventative measures. Over time and in different seasons, the unit collects dirt, dust, and other materials that can eventually cause damage by clogging the filters and internal coils.

Preventative checkups for your HVAC unit can prevent costly emergency services later in the life of your machine. They are relatively low-priced, typically anywhere between seventy and one hundred dollars. However, emergency repairs are at least a couple of hundred dollars while a new machine is a few thousand dollars.

In the long run, a yearly servicing does your HVAC machine quite well. If you take care of your heating and air conditioning machines, they should last you about fifteen years while working at their top capacities.

Call an HVAC repairs specialist today to make sure your heating and air conditioning are working to the best of their abilities! Your home and wallet will thank you!